Sonia Keshishian was born in Ghana, Africa to Syrian-Armenian parents who emigrated to San Francisco, via Montreal – a typical immigrant's story. While living in San Francisco, Sonia nurtured her artistic expression in dance and theatre, coupling it with an curiosity in photography.


In her early 20’s, Sonia made her move to Los Angeles for more dance and theatre training, but it was during this time she started to develop an eye and formally studied as well as apprenticed with established photographers.  With credentials and confidence on her side, Sonia officially started her career as a full-time professional photographer getting paid gigs while still engaging in the performing arts.


The turning point for Sonia’s artistic career began in the mid 90’s when she started to document her travels  -- Syria, Portugal, Spain, & Armenia to name a few.  These exotic locations unleashed her artistic side and a thirst for cultural explorations began.

As a 30 year Angelino, Sonia oftentimes views the city through abstract eyes and reminds us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unconventional framing and composition in her architecture and landscape images delights her to no end.  From signage to stucco to shapes and colors, Los Angeles or any metropolitan city for that matter, built the foundation of who Sonia is.

The largest body of work currently is the Flora and Fauna series.  "You can't go wrong with flowers,"  a universally appealing theme and an outlet for inner peace.



Carter Sexton Gallery - 2o19

Shoghart Gallery Fundraiser - 2014

Nuartz Group Show 2004 - 2005

Arrarat Home - 1997

Kessab Educational Center - (ongoing)


Instaproofs Photo Contest -  2016

Best Portrait Studio West Hollywood - 2015

IPA Photo Awards - 2013

Sonia Keshishian - photography + art | Los Angeles, CA | 323-394-3497